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You Asked, We Answered

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What's on your calendar?

Nov 18, Fundraiser for McLouth School, McLouth, KS - if you’ve not come to this one yet, you should! So many wonderful vendors and gift-giving season is right around the corner!

Dec 2, Great Overland Station Holiday Craft Fair, Topeka, KS - we will have all our customer’s favourites plus many more for the gift-giving season! Don’t forget to place your special orders, too!


What are the payment options?

We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal

We also take Venmo at our local farmer's market and pop up events

But remember - Cash is King!!! (cards and apps have fees)


Where do you ship?

Currently we ship to the US only with the exceptions of Hawai’i, Alaska and Puerto Rico.  

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