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This is the heavier version of our ever popular Manly Goat Soap. We use additional butters to help keep our customers manly faces smooth and nick-free!  Beer, tobacco, butter and goat milk - what more could you ask for!


Ok, now that the men are convinced - ladies, you can use this, too!  It's great for legs!!!

Manly Goat Shave Bar

$12.00 Regular Price
$11.76Sale Price
  • Just like our Manly Goat Soap, we use Tobacco, Porter Beer, Vetiver oil and Raw Goat Milk. However, we add Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and extra Shea Butter to help keep your manly face soft! Shaving is hard on the skin, so we want to make your skin happy, healthy and hydrated. Tobacco is a natural antiseptic and helps heal cuts and abrasions. Porter Beer helps slough dead skin cells and balance the pH of the skin naturally and gently. Triple Butter (mango, shea and cocoa) contains Vitamins E and C to protect your skin. Vetiver Essential Oil is ultra-hydrating and helps reduce redness or inflammation in the skin. Goat Milk Goat milk’s pH level is very close to human skin, resulting in restoration of lost moisture. Probiotics, Vitamin A and help restore healthy skin, improve your skin membrane and keep your largest organ hydrated.


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