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Our no-waste bar is an all-over moisturizer you can use every day to keep you hydrated and soft!  Loaded with skin-loving butters, natural plant oils, and natural local raw beeswax, our bars can help you save the planet! Buying just one solid lotion bar - like ours! - can save water and keep 2-3 lotion bottles from ending up in landfills. 

This all natural lotion bar will leave your skin softer, deeply hydrated, a smooth layer of protection. It's good for every part of the body: scaly legs, dry hands and cuticles, chapped lips and more. The raw, natural make this lotion bar gentle enough for kids, too! 

Natural Lotion Bars

  • Blend of natural sea buckthorn, meadowfoam and argan oils, natural butters of coco, shea and kokum, natural local beeswax, natural steric acid, beneficial essential oils

  • Shipped in a reusable metal tin!

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