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Amy B (NE) - I took a shower with the magical one that has cocoa powder in it - OHHH so good! Literally the best shower ever!  I can't go back - fancy soap all the way now!

Audrey K (KS)- I just used the coffee one. I think this is going to change my life! The scent! How my hands feel afterward! How my skin feels - it’s all so soft.  I can’t believe I’ve lived this long and not tried goat’s milk soap before.  This is my new favorite

Karen M (KS)- I have “my mother’s wrinkles and my daughter’s acne” – you know the saying! But, in the last month of using the Cinnamon Rose soaps,  my skin has evened out and it looks so much brighter.

Elizabeth J (CA) - I started using Healing Goat Soap about a year ago and I stopped using moisturizer on my face.  I use the Gentlemen’s Thyme on my face and the Coffee Massage Bar in the shower and my skin has never felt or looked better! I will never buy anything else and I’m sure telling all my friends and family about them!

Susan B (KS)- The soaps are non-abrasive, they have a lovely scent, and I have definitely seen a change in my skin's appearance since I started using them! I use the goat milk and sunflower soap and have definitely noticed a positive change in the texture and look of my face. I’m getting compliments on how great my skin looks!

Ren O (NC) - I used to be a “Dial girl”. I didn’t care about fancy soaps at all.  That all changed when I won a gift set that included soaps from The Healing Goat Soap and Gift Co. OMG! I am now a Fancy Soap Girl! I can’t go back to commercial soaps after how my skin feels.  The Gentlemen’s Thyme is my new favorite soap ever. 

Nikol D (OK)- We were visiting Leavenworth a few months ago (and got several items from these ladies at a craft fair), and I have to be honest, we absolutely LOVE EVERY product that we purchased! We even got some bars for friends and they love them too! We will DEFINITELY be ordering some more soon!

Lizzy S (FL) - I have had the whipped chocolate body butter and the scentless goat soap. With the body butter, I found it to be soft, pliable, & easily absorbed, especially after a shower. The scent of chocolate is fantastic and smells divine on my skin! The scentless goat soap is pure perfection giving all-over softness and cleanliness. It is a clean rinse and being non-scented makes it nicer when I apply the chocolate body butter after a shower.

From Kelly B (KS) - I have such a problem with cramps in my feet and legs. They get so bad that they wake me up at night. Recently, I had one of the worst I have ever experienced. I tried the magnesium cream (The Soothing Goat) and had instant relief. Now this is at my bedside! I love the soaps too and can’t wait to try more of these fantastic products!

From Kim Y (NC) - Excellent products! I am now a bar shampoo fan! I’ve been using the Shampoo Bar - long hair (rosemary) for about 2 weeks and absolutely love how soft, manageable and clean smelling my hair is now! Just did a stock up order and couldn’t resist trying out the Gentlemen’s Thyme and the Pumpkin soap for fall!

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