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This soap is intended for the 18 and over crowd due to the pheromones (sex attractant) infused into the soaps. With the addition of mood-boosting Neroli oil, this is the one you want for a special date-night! Our handmade, small-batch Sexy Rose hearts go above and beyond! And, not only does Sexy Rose have the wonderful hydrating formula of goat milk and rose clay, we have added rose oil and rose hips for that mood-enhancing benefit you have come to expect from our lovers’ favorite. Share your bath with a Sexy Goat today!

Sexy Rose Goat Soap

  • Saponified raw goat milk, rose clay, rose-infused olive oil, dried and crushed rose petals, Neroli oil, flat pheromone oil, natural South American shea butter, beneficial essential oils, vitamin E oil

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