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These sweet and clean smelling shampoo bars are great for keeping hair clean, shiny and healthy!  Made with only the best ingredients to promote hair health and growth, these bars will last a long time while protecting the enviroment - yes, way less packaging! And, you can travel with it - win!


Choose from our original "Long Hair" bar to help with hair growth, and our "Scalp Renewal" activated charcoal bar to help with those irritating scalp issues!


Our shampoo bars are hand poured and lovingly made with healthy hair in mind!  Rosemary oil and beneficial essential oils, organic castor oil, cold-pressed coconut oil and light butters plus our amazing raw goat milk!  Massage into scalp and through hair for a clean, shiny result! Finish with a light mist of ACV and rinse thoroughly. Comes with instruction sheet for the best results.

Shampoo Bars

  • Long Hair Shampoo Bar - Saponified raw goat milk, rosemary antioxidant oil, rosemary essential oil, organic castor oil, organic coconut oil, natural South American shea butter, Vitamin E oil

    Scalp Renewal Shampoo Bar - Saponified raw goat milk, rosemary antioxidant oil, oregano botanical oil, organic castor oil, organic coconut oil, unrefined African shea butter, hardwood activated charcoal powder, Vitamin E oil

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